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Teens and young adults 

Today teens face enormous social,

emotional and academic pressures,

to name but a few. Teenagers struggle

with a desire for freedom and

independence and the need for

boundaries and guidance

from their parents and families. As they

wrestle with different pressures of school,

relationships and identity, they

also have to navigate their social media

world and the impossible pressure of the

perfect life often curated by their peers. 

Every teenager processes life events

and their experiences differently,

Teenagers are maybe angry, anxious,

sad or overwhelmed and its

important their individual experiences

are validated. 

Our therapists here at the Hopewell 

Centre provide a safe place for teenagers

to explore their challenges and

find ways of safely expressing their feelings. 

Using a non-judgemental and supportive

approach our goal is to increase

communication, coping and well being 

for teenagers and their families. 

Smiling Student
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