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"In a time of added pressures for young people, social media, stresses from school etc, my 12 year old really benefited from a few sessions with Karen. She taught her how to deal with these pressures and gave her techniques with how to express herself without letting anger become the only emotion"  

"Karen helped me understand my behaviour, and why I acted the way I did sometimes. Because of this I was able to fix relationships with my family and improve how I communicated. Karen also taught about boundaries and how to put them in place.  I'm in a much happier and healthier place now thanks to Karen".  

"I just wanted to say thank you again for helping through a difficult time, I am feeling so much better and still doing the things you taught me to cope better, you'll be glad to know!" 

"My daughter, 8 went to Karen as she was complaining of pains in her tummy because of anxiety.  After a few sessions, the pains disappeared and Karen taught her how to calm herself down and together they made a relaxation box which contains all the techniques and tools she needs. She is now a happier and more confident child." 

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